Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Litigation

All commercial lending activity must be done with an eye on the possibility of a Bankruptcy filing as the ultimate recourse of an overwhelmed Borrower. EHRB offers clients extensive experience in handling Lender and Creditor bankruptcy issues in Chapter 7, 9, 11, or 13. The firm represents Bondholders in the large, complex Chapter 9 case filed by Jefferson County.

It also represents PACA claimants in the Chapter 11 of a produce company. Our involvement varies greatly, including cases of all sizes and types. We can help with anything from filing a claim, objecting to a Plan, or seeking relief from stay to defense of a preference, objection to discharge or litigation over the dischargeability of a debt.

Our bankruptcy experience is valuable as we handle transactions, litigation, or workouts in a way which considers the potential impact of a bankruptcy filing. When a case is filed, we are ready to assist.

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